We appreciate your interest in Karuna Therapeutics and are excited to connect with you on our social media channels. We use social media to support, inform and educate potential patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, current employees, job seekers and other stakeholders. Our goal is to provide you with the latest information about Karuna, our therapeutic focus and activities, and other related and relevant information.

We are present on Twitter as @KarunaTx and on LinkedIn as Karuna Therapeutics. We encourage you to engage with us on these channels, and appreciate your feedback. Please be aware that we monitor our social channels Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 5PM EST, so any questions or messages received outside of these hours will be addressed as soon as possible during these business hours.

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  1. Content on our channels is intended to be educational and informational, and should not be considered a substitute for medical and professional advice.
    • Our social media presence is intended to be educational and informational as it relates to company initiatives and should not be considered as a resource for medical advice. Your physician or healthcare provider, who is authorized in your country of residence, should be your primary resource for medical related information. We cannot offer medical advice or engage in discussion about or promotion of specific products or treatment options – ours or other companies’ – on our social platforms. Please note that from time to time, we may share information about medical or health topics; this should not be construed as medical advice but rather as educational content.
  2. Considerations around the third-party content we share.
    • We will, at times, feature, retweet, share or create content published by third parties on our social channels; however, this engagement is not an endorsement of the featured accounts/handles or of their activities, and we are not responsible for content from referenced websites or social pages. Please note that following or retweeting by Karuna does not imply endorsement.
  3. We are not responsible for all user generated content.
    • We welcome your social media engagements, comments, and reactions but we are not responsible for user generated content (i.e., what the social community shares). Please know that anything you share on our social channels, or tag us in, can be freely used by our team across various outlets, so please do not share anything you consider confidential.
  4. Please stay topical and respectful in how you engage.
    • We encourage you to engage with us on our social media channels. Federal regulations do require conversations to stay topical and may prevent our team from responding to every engagement. Additionally, we are unable to respond to engagements that include any of the following, and we retain the right to block those that violate our social terms. We do not permit content that:
      1. Is profane
      2. Is spam
      3. Is abusive, offensive or discriminatory
      4. Is disparaging or threatening
      5. Is deceptive or misleading
      6. Is confidential; this includes proprietary or non-public information related to Karuna, employees or stakeholders
      7. Any additional content that is not appropriate for social media and is inconsistent with our values, policies or applicable laws and regulations

We are not responsible for views other than our own. At any time, we have the right to remove any of our social media platforms and related content. Our team will be proactive in ensuring the social community adheres to the above guidelines and may act outside of what has been defined as appropriate and necessary.

Beyond the privacy policy and terms of use of the applicable third-party social media properties, any use of our social properties is governed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.